Description of the ILA

My ILA has not yet commenced.  The task will be a “geographical inquiry report” in a Year 10 co-educational Geography class, based around the geographical challenge of the Health of the Swan River, over a 3-4 week period.

There was an excursion to the Swan River planned to kickstart the unit, aiming to engage the students in a hands-on and meaningful way, and to immerse the students in the topic.  However, the teacher’s application for the excursion was not approved, which was really disappointing. It is unclear why it was rejected, but she suspects it may relate to the school calendar being too busy.   As a compromise, students are encouraged to visit the Swan River in their own time.  This may show the lack of support by administration for elements crucial to relevant and meaningful research.

Currently, Geography research tasks at this school are often teacher-directed and quite structured, although teachers are currently re-designing some units to fit with the process of geographical inquiry.  I look forward to assisting teachers in their planning of these units and encouraging them to expand geographical inquiry to include the full Information Search Process through a Guided Inquiry, which should result in deeper understanding and more meaningful outcomes.


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